Clock Gustavian Grey. Unique piece.

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Scale reproduction of watches made by Nils Berg, Stockholm (1751-94). This watchmaker, was one of the best craftsmen of the Swedish watch in his time, all his watches have similar shapes, generally with golden carvings and with different decorations of paintings, it can be said that they are all jeweled greens. Generally, this type of watch is called “Mora watch”, they originated between the 1700s and 1800s in the Swedish province of Darlarna. The Mora people in this region were associated with the production of Mora watches. The earliest Mora watches were rococo-style, that is, curved with delicate carving characteristics, and this style and shape was retained in Mora watches after the 1800s. This ‘feminine’ shape for the Mora watch is distinct from the watch Mora ‘masculine’, which is typically a straight Mora watch. Typically Gustavian watches were made by purchasing a Mora watch mechanism, which tended to be made by certain families, and then custom ordering the watch case to be made by a local carpenter. The Mora watch was then painted to its own preference by the owners. The rustic Mora watch was simpler in style and typically painted in just one or two colors. By contrast, Mora watches for wealthier people included ornate carvings and hand-painted details.

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