About This Project

Cabinet William III & Mary, from the 17th century, made at 1:12 scale of the original designed by Daniel Marot, this was a French Huguenot architect and designer from the court of Louis XIV, expelled from France and hosted by William III of England, that’s where I think this result comes from. I started this work in February of this year and due to the situation we live in, on several occasions I had to paralyze it. I devoted a lot of time to its documentation, hundreds of pages with photos and drawings were needed to make it as faithful to the scale of the original. The most expensive work for me was the several months carving in wood the four twisted caryatids of its legs (they are made entirely by hand in boxwood and later gilded). Its box made of Ebony wood and decorated with chinoiseries on Japanese scarlet lacquer (a very expensive job, I lost count of the amount of micro layers applied, it will exceed 30). The long work of its brass fittings and the small lock with its working key. I have outlined your process a bit, as there are many techniques used to complete this joinery job.

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