About This Project

Reproduction at the scale of a régale or organ of tongue of the eighteenth century, belonging to the collection of the Museum of the Music of Paris.
The original instrument works by activating a bellow with a pedal, pressing its keys The sound comes out of small tubes with brass tabs, which with their vibration emit the sound so peculiar that this instrument.
Due to its small and light size, in the reign of Louis XV, this supporting organ could be used in ceremonies and parties in the private chambers of the court. At the end of the eighteenth century the instrument went out of fashion, being replaced by the harpsichords already existing and by the appearance of the new pianofortes of the time.
When we press the keyboard of this replica, the instrument emits three songs, authentic recordings of the original instrument, emitted by a small system placed inside.
Clearly a sample of the evolution in the collection miniatures, where art mixes with 21st century technology.

Price: To consult, available in different colors.

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