About This Project

1/12 scale reproduction of a Royal Louis XV Chest of Drawers, based on the original model by Jean-Pierre Latz and Jean_Francois Oeben, circa 1757. The sideboard was made for the Chambre de la Dauphine in the Chateu de Choisy le-roy, Maria-Josephe de Saxe. Latz made the skeleton and bronze ornaments in 1749, before his death in 1754. It is believed that his widow (Marñia Madeleine Seignat) sold the frame and bronzes of this sideboard to Oeben. The heritage and legacy of the Latz workshop contain a long and interesting history, . Later Oeben, with this material, finished the work by making the marquetry decoration, and finally it was he who delivered the work to the Dauphine. I made two versions of this device, one in Palosanto wood (dark wood), and another in Palo Rosa. Originally marquetry furniture did not have an appearance as we know today, they were much more colorful, over the years, they end up turning this furniture into caramel brown tones. In the rosewood fixture, where he used the fixture woods in their original state, you can see this color change. It has been a long work of months, with its infinity of small pieces of wood used for the flowery marquetry, the complicated skeleton with its sinuous bombé shape, and the modeling in different materials of the gold-plated bronzes. Making all this coincide as a whole and respecting the shapes and measurements of the original was not easy at all. A long time of documentation and research, and endless hours of searching throughout Spain and France, to find its materials, such as the different woods and especially the Griotte marble, where its grain had to be tiny, reduced to scale, to resemble to the Griotte of the original apparatus. In the photographs the brightness of the marble and the varnish of the doll with its multiple layers cannot be appreciated, perhaps it is because photographing gold pieces is not easy and it ends up absorbing the brightness of these, I am not an expert photographer either.

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