David Iriarte was born in 1985  in Sos del Rey Católico (Zaragoza, Spain). He is a carpenter and cabinetmaker by profession, descendant of several generations of carpenters. He has some studies on Numerical Control programming, decoration and interior design. He is very fond of antiques restoration and  collection, loves music and piano, and, most of all, enjoys miniatures. David  entered the miniature world as a child, and, after a self-taught training, he  gets to show us a little sample of his works –that will be growing in the  future.

His pieces in 1/12 scale are authentic reproductions  of furniture from different periods and styles, always made in noble woods, and  decorated with different painting techniques. Every step in the process is  completely hand-made, which leads to the high-end finish characteristic of  period furniture.

In the aim of avoiding product massification, it’s the artisan’s decision to produce a limited series of each model, according to his own  criteria in each case. Works will be made under commission, thus being  necessary a reasonable waiting time. Every piece of furniture carries on its  back the serial number and the signature of the author.

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